Artificial Intelligence & Your Job Search

What does artificial intelligence have to do with your job search? Probably more than you might think. Unless you find creative methods for your job search, you’re likely to encounter artificial intelligence (AI) along the way.

Artificial Intelligence–What is It & Why Does It Matter in Job Search?

According to Merriam-Webster, the term artificial intelligence includes “the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior.” That only touches on the topic, of course; AI involves a vast amount of information and related fields of study. However, this definition offers a starting-point with regard to job searching .

artificial intelligence-new wayIncreasingly, computers play a role in your job search. And I don’t mean just the fact that you probably use one to conduct many aspects of your search. Employers have greatly expanded their use of “intelligent” systems to streamline their hiring process. For example, think applicant tracking system (ATS) screening and one-way video interviews.

This approach might reduce their workload, but it increases the challenge for you! Doing job search the old way could have meant tedious, time-consuming steps for both of you. On the other hand, the new way demands that you understand and consider AI as a factor.

Unless you have an “in” with the hiring authority, considering AI in your job search is not optional.

Readjust Your Job Search Plan for AI

Although I dislike the overused term “think outside the box,” it’s relevant regarding artificial intelligence and your job search. You can’t afford to remain stuck in the rut of, “I’ve always done it that way” or “I’ve never done it like that.”outside the box

Like it or not, you must readjust your job search plan to take AI into account. That doesn’t require abandoning all the methods that have worked well in the past. It does require looking at the situation with fresh eyes –a new mindset.

Employer use of artificial intelligence tools inserts more layers in your job search, more hurdles for you to overcome. Among other things, this means you need to gain competency in using the systems to meet their basic requirements. However, you also need to look for creative ways to circumvent the AI tools. If that’s not possible, you need to find ways to beef up your ability to exceed those requirements. The goal is to stand out from your competition as much as legitimately possible.

In other words, you must look for actions you can take that could give you a competitive advantage. Then incorporate those as much as possible into your job search plan.

Daunted by AI’s Challenges in Your Job Search? Get Help!

I doubt whether any of us can claim to be a total expert on artificial intelligence. Except, I suppose, the people who work in and on it to a high degree. However, that doesn’t preclude you from tackling the challenges it poses for your job search.

You can, for starters, do some basic research on AI and how employers are using it. For people who enjoy research, that’s probably a good first step.

brainstormingIf you don’t find research an enjoyable activity, though, you can still take steps to figure out how to deal with AI’s impact on your search. For instance, brainstorming with others who have encountered the situation and might have worthwhile ideas could benefit you as well. They don’t need to be AI experts, although that probably wouldn’t hurt.

Remember that brainstorming is a no-fault activity. Don’t shoot down any ideas your fellow brainstormers propose. Instead, use those as launch-pads for other ideas that might have some usefulness.

You might never learn to love artificial intelligence, especially if it makes your job search harder. However, you can learn to make it less daunting.





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