Career Leap of Faith–Can You Do It?

Can you make a career leap of faith if you have to? What if you don’t have to but feel somehow impelled? You make choices and decisions often throughout your professional and personal life. In some ways, you might think you should be used to the process. You’ve done it so many times! On the other hand, some of those choices or decisions could stir a kind of fear in you. How can you handle that?

Why Make a Career Leap?

Career Leap of Faith

If your professional life moves well along a set path, you don’t need to make a career leap unless you choose to. After all, why rock the boat? As we all know, a leap can turn out badly–of course, you’d like to avoid that if you can! No career leap comes with an ironclad guarantee of a good landing.

So you can sit tight and stick with the path you’re on, if it has been working well for you. Unless that path becomes unsatisfying for some reason, you’re fine.

However, what if you don’t have a choice? Whether a global health crisis pulls employment security right out from under you or your employer does it for some other  reason, you find yourself out the door, unemployed.

Suddenly you face an urgent need to take action–to make a career leap in one way or another.

Brave in Life Challenge

Career Leaps Take Courage

“Every great move forward in your life begins with a leap of faith, a step into the unknown.” (Brian Tracy, Canadian-American motivational public speaker and self-development author)

You might not normally view yourself as brave. (I don’t, and I’m not ashamed to admit it!). On the other hand, don’t assume that means you lack the courage to tackle a challenge when you need to. If you sell yourself short, others might do the same. Moreover, you put yourself at a disadvantage in any job search you must launch to pursue career possibilities. Give yourself a chance to prove (to yourself and maybe others) what you can achieve when you put your mind to it!

Tip: A career leap doesn’t always involve a sharp change in career focus or direction. Sometimes it simply requires a short jump outside your current comfort zone.

Believe in Yourself and Trust Your Abilities

Trust Your Abilities

If you’ve just received a “pink slip” from your employer and have no idea where your next paycheck will come from–or when, don’t drop into despair just yet. Learn to trust your own abilities, believe in the value you can bring to prospective employers, and accept the fact that determined effort can move you forward.

Sometimes the move might not be in a straightforward or obvious direction at the time. For example, if you land a new job that isn’t quite what you had envisioned, see what benefit you can mine from it that will strengthen your candidacy the next time you conduct a job search.

In such cases, your career leap could prove more of a baby step but still pay off for you in the long run.

Trust yourself and take the career leap your current situation calls for.  It might take time and persistence, but it could be well worth the effort.

P.S. How can I help you move forward–take that career leap? Let me know: careermaster@asuccessfulcareercom or 508-263-9454.

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