Career Services

My career services basically fall into two main categories: professional resume writing and job search coaching.

These services provided by A Successful Career have a common purpose: assist senior-level job seekers throughout the world. I provide professional career management guidance and support in the areas where you need it the most.

I also offer related services to match each client’s needs. For example, along with professional resume writing, I create master and customized cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, electronic resumes, and a variety of other job search materials, depending on what your particular situation calls for.

Most importantly, I offer career services based on the understanding that each individual is unique. This means that when you come to me for help, I will listen carefully to what you tell me and customize my career services to your specific situation.

Resume Writing

Do you need a high-quality resume that presents you as a competitive candidate for positions as a senior manager or executive?

I can create a professional resume that positions you as a top-quality candidate in the eyes of employers and helps you stand out strongly from your competition for the position you’re pursuing.

What you get: The initial proof copy, revisions, and final resume are done in Microsoft Word (PDF version provided if desired). Delivery of the initial proof copy or draft normally occurs within 5-7 work-days after I have all your information.


Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Is it enhancing your online presence and visibility with employers?

I can create or revamp your profile so you can more easily catch the attention of employers who search there for senior management and executive candidates.

What you get: Draft content that you can use to enhance your existing profile or create one, along with relevant explanations.

Other writing services

These services supplement your resume and LinkedIn profile to make your job search as short and stress-free as possible…

Customized resumes
Tailored to fit a specific job target (based on a relevant job description).

Applicant Tracking System checking
An existing resume can be put through an ATS to determine whether it has issues that need to be dealt with.

Cover letter
Master and/or customized cover letter versions, depending on the situation.

Short cover note for use in email communication.

Interview follow-up/thank-you letter
Customized letter for you to send ASAP after each interview.

Executive bio
Designed as an interview leave-behind, company website backgrounder, and more.

Job Search Coaching


Conducting a job search can be stressful and confusing. Getting your new professional resume is a great first step, but it doesn’t take you all the way to your next job. I offer coaching sessions by phone to help you tackle your most pressing issues and identify workable solutions.

Interview and salary negotiation

Whether you’re nervous about a particular aspect of job interviews or only want to make sure you’re 100% prepared, a phone coaching session with me could be just what you need to move forward confidently.

Financial Investment

The amount for your project can range from a flat rate to an hourly figure, depending on the scope, nature, and complexity of the project and the services requested. I will provide a full quote for all relevant items after we have our initial phone consultation or email exchange, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.


For more information about my services, contact me. Or schedule a preliminary, no-obligation phone consultation with me.

About Georgia Adamson

Would it help you to know more about me—who I am, why I do what I do…the “back story” that’s behind my dedication to my business and the clients I serve?

Yes, I’m a real person, not a manufactured image for a churn-out-the-resumes business model. But more than that, who I am outside of work has a lot to do with who I am in my business.

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