Career Management

Career management services can help you execute smooth job and career transitions, learn interview techniques that will boost your success rate, and avoid or greatly reduce the frequent mistakes job seekers make when they assume planning is an option instead of a necessity.

Knowing where you want to go represents a critical part of the career management process. If you don’t have a reasonably clear goal in mind, you might want to consider my career coaching services.

Career Planning and Success

Career-planning-goals-management-perspectiveYou risk achieving hit-or-miss results if you adopt a haphazard approach to your career. For long-time career success and satisfaction, it’s important that you pay attention to all the critical aspects, including the following:

  • Long- and short-range career goals
  • Awareness of both declining and emerging trends
  • The impact of techology advances on your career or job search
  • Changes in your perspective and priorities as you mature
  • Marketing tools most relevant at various stages of your career

Interview Preparation

Your career management plan needs to take into consideration the important, three-part process of preparing for job interviews, performing well during them, and handling the post-interview phase effectively. Among my career management services, I offer standard and customized interview preparation coaching that incorporates aspects of all three parts, including salary negotiation. For example, I talk with clients about interview techniques, including why a particular interview technique might or might not be a good idea in certain circumstances.
Effective Job Interviews

Job Interview Tips

Preparing for your job interviewBelow are just a few of the many job interview tips that can help you prevent mistakes and increase your interview success:

  • Find out what people want and then show them how you can help them get it. Don’t “sell” until you know what the interviewer wants to “buy.”
  • Demonstrate integrity and respect for confidentiality.
  • Conduct yourself as an equal, not a beggar.
  • Be on your toes at all times, with everyone you meet.
  • Listen well to your interviewer and watch for non-verbal as well as verbal cues.
i can help you in these career management areas, as well as many others.
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