Professional Resume Writing


How do you win a blue ribbon? By being the best you can be!

The same goes for your resume and other career-related materials—there’s no substitute for excellence in content, planning, and presentation. You need to use every legitimate method and resource available to enhance your marketability (your perceived value in the eyes of employers).

Why work with a Master Resume Writer?
save time and increase the effectiveness of your job search.
reduce the stress of trying to add resume preparation to your busy schedule.
strengthen the professional impression you make on prospective employers.

Sample Job Resumes

Why Their Usefulness is Limited

Examples of good resumes can certainly give you an idea of job search documents that have proved effective for other individuals in the past. As long as you don’t make the mistake of thinking they can serve as a precise template for your own resume, there’s no harm in reviewing one or more sample job resumes to see what you can learn from them.

I have provided a few sample resumes on this site for that reason. However, I can almost guarantee they will not work for you, if you basically copy them and put your own contact information at the top!

Sample Resumes

General senior management resume
Business intelligence senior manager resume
High-tech/CIO executive management resume
Residential real estate sales management resume

Sample Cover Letters

Cover letter for law enforcement
Cover letter for interactive web design
Cover letter for sales management

Important note: I do not provide sample resumes other than those shown on this website. To protect client confidentiality, each sample resume is fictionalized and used with client permission. You may find additional sample resumes in the published books: Executive’s Pocket Guide to ROI Resumes and Job Search and Resume Magic.

Resume Writing Tips

Effective resume writing can’t be easily explained in a few sentences and takes time and practice to learn, in order to do it well. Here are a few resume tips to get you started.