Crazy Job Search or Career Peace of Mind – Your Choice

As we get close to the end of 2017, some of you are probably feeling the stress of too much to do and too little time–both personally and professionally, in many cases. If you’re trying to plan a job search to launch with a bang on January 2 or needing to figure out a change of direction for your career path in the near future, the approaching holidays might not seem all that great to you.

Some conditions you can’t control. However, there are at least a few steps you can take to make it easier on yourself. Start with the idea of turning “distress” into “refresh.”

Feel Overwhelmed with a Crazy Job Search?

Your distress in this situation could stem from feeling that your life is so far out of balance, it’s not funny. While you can’t necessarily balance professional and personal demands perfectly, that’s no reason to think you’re “falling down on the job.”

Look at it this way: You can at least consider the possibility that one part of your life will require more time and attention than the other at a given moment. Take a few minutes (longer if needed) to refresh your outlook and see if you’ve been stressing-out more than you need to. As the slightly twisted saying goes, “Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow!”

Other Steps to Help with that Crazy Job Search Dilemma

  • Revisit your priorities. I keep “preaching” about prioritizing what you need to accomplish, but maybe it’s at least as important to take a look at your priorities periodically to see if something has shifted when you weren’t looking.
  • Take some deep breaths (mentally as well as physically). Silly as it might sound, hitting the “pause button” could give you a refreshing outlook that pays off in other ways for your job search, career management and overall peace of mind.
  • Look outside yourself for support and encouragement. No law says you have to do everything yourself. If you aren’t tapping into personal and/or professional resources available to you, start now!
  • Reward yourself when you accomplish one of your key career-related “to do” goals, even if it’s a relatively small one. Injecting some positive reinforcement can provide the energy that fuels additional–maybe much larger–career progress down the road.

Career Peace of Mind Can be Yours

Although I certainly don’t want to minimize the real challenges you might be facing at this time, I do want to encourage you to believe you can achieve peace of mind regarding your current job search or career situation and your long-range career management.

We human beings tend to be too impatient–wanting progress to occur FAST…FASTER! I believe something that’s worth having is worth working toward, but it can also be worth waiting for, especially if taking action would basically mean spinning your wheels fruitlessly and driving yourself (and those around you) nuts!

We all make choices…almost constantly. So choose the path that lets you minimize crazy job search stress and achieve significant, refreshing peace of mind. You’re worth it, and you deserve it!

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