Frequently Asked Questions

Service Questions

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

I guarantee that I will work with you until the resume is satisfactory—that is, meets the expectations that were agreed to at the start of the project. Unless you change the scope of the project partway through, I also guarantee that I will honor the quote provided at the beginning. I do not guarantee interviews or jobs– no one can guarantee those except the owner of the company in question. Also, I cannot control whether or not you conduct an effective job search, which is critical in achieving satisfactory results.

What if I'm not happy with my resume? Can I get a refund?

The answer here is basically the same as the previous question. I will make revisions as discussed with you to meet the agreed expectations. If the necessary revisions exceed my initial time estimate, there will be no additional charge to you. However, I do not provide refunds for what has already been completed if you choose not to complete the necessary work with me, to ensure the resume meets the agreed expectations.

How long does it take to get my resume once I decide to use your services?

Under normal conditions, I expect to deliver the proof copy within 5-7 work days after I receive all your information. When I get your input regarding revisions, it typically takes just a couple of days to make the changes and send it back to you for final review.

What other services do you offer besides resumes?

You can find more information by going to my Career Services page; however, here is a short list: I write resumes, cover letters, e-notes, LinkedIn profiles, executive bios, and critical leadership initiatives. I also provide coaching and consulting for career exploration, job searching, and interview preparation.

Why do you send a questionnaire, and do I have to send it back completed before you can start on my resume?

I have worked hard to develop a questionnaire that covers the essential kinds of information I use to create clients’ resumes. If I can see your completed questionnaire before we get started, it makes our phone consultations and email communications more effective, which ultimately saves time. If you’re uncomfortable completing the questionnaire, we can go through the material by phone; however, it is important that you review the questionnaire carefully before we talk, so that our communication will be as productive as possible.

Financial Questions

How much will my resume cost?

The investment in your resume depends on several factors, including the type of work and level of responsibility you are at and/or targeting, whether or not you will be making a career change (and if so, how much of a change), and so on. Much of my work is with senior managers and executives, and the investment generally tends to reflect that level. I will provide a quote before you decide whether or not you want me to work with you on your resume or other needs.

Does the amount I pay for my resume include a cover letter?

If I provide you with a quote for a resume, that’s all it covers. As mentioned above, I do create cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other career marketing tools, and I’m always happy to provide a quote for those if you’re considering them.

What do you charge for multiple versions of a resume?

Before assuming multiple versions will be needed, I ask you which direction you most want to pursue and provide a quote for that. Often, once we’ve finished the first version, clients decided they don’t actually need another one, and I never want to “sell” something you don’t need. Generally, though, a second version runs somewhere around half of the original investment.

If I need to update my resume later, is that included in the cost?

Minor changes that need to be made within a short time after completion of the final resume are usually taken care of at no additional cost. For longer periods (for example, a few months), the amount will depend on factors such as whether or not you have changed jobs, added new responsibilities in your current job, and so on.

What payment methods do you accept, and can I pay in installments?

I accept major credit cards—Visa, M/C, Discover and AmEx. I also accept PayPal. The credit card charge is processed or the PayPal funds are transferred when the project agreement is authorized by the client. My business is not set up to offer payment plans, such as installments.

Do you offer any discounts on your services?

The investment required for my professional services is based on the effort and expertise involved in delivering a unique “product” to you. I can’t discount that because it’s based on value, not volume, and the “product” I create for you can’t be sold to anyone else.

Miscellaneous Questions

Do you have sample resumes of people in my field or profession?

I have a limited number of samples, so the likelihood that I will have one for your field isn’t high. However, since you are a unique individual, a sample for your field wouldn’t necessarily look much like your resume should look. Other than the few samples on my website, I don’t provide individual samples because it would require “fictionalizing” clients’ resumes before sharing, to protect their confidentiality—something I am committed to doing for every client.

Does it matter if I don't have an existing resume or if it's really old?

It can be helpful if you have an existing resume I can look at—sometimes even if it’s old—but it’s certainly not mandatory. I can ask you some questions to get a sense of your situation and proceed from there.

Can you help me find a new job?

For starters, I do not handle the placement phase of job searching. It’s not my area of expertise, and there are already many companies that do it. However, I do offer job search coaching and consulting, and that can and often does include helping you target and pursue new opportunities.