How It Works

What it’s like to work with A Successful Career as you build your path to career success

Whether you currently hold a place in the executive ranks or view that as your next career move, you know how critical it is to use effective techniques with a compelling presentation to convince employers to talk to you. You probably also recognize the importance of networking in your executive job search, particularly if you’re in a competitive market with many highly qualified candidates.

I have worked with job- and career-change executives for many years, in a variety of industries and functional areas. In addition to applying my own expertise to your project, I tap into a large network of professional colleagues to gather further input on key issues.

Here are just a few of the client and industry categories I’ve worked with over the past 15+ years:

CEO / COO / CFO / CTO & CIO / CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Director & Senior Director
Executive Vice President & Vice President
General Manager
High-Tech / Manufacturing / Logistics / Transportation / Energy / Hospitality / Pharmaceuticals


How can I help you expedite your executive job search?
I offer a complete, integrated solution that takes you from career strategy documents to successful offer negotiation. The solution includes an executive-grade professional resume, a master cover letter, a robust LinkedIn profile, and customized job search/career coaching (including interview preparation and salary negotiation).

As part of our collaboration, I do the following:

  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of your current situation, as well as your career goals and requirements.
  • Identify and showcase your strongest “value messages” for prospective employers.
  • Streamline the job search process so you don’t waste valuable time on unnecessary activities.
  • Partner with you to pinpoint the most viable and effective techniques for “getting the word  out” where you want and need it to go.



Executive Resumes and Related Documents

My executive-level clients typically have an existing resume. However, often it isn’t up to date or they feel it doesn’t represent them effectively in terms of their present career goals. Whatever your circumstances might be, I will work closely with you to ensure development of the professional-quality marketing tools you need.

When I believe your situation calls for more than a traditional executive resume, I will recommend one or more of the following from the portfolio of executive resume writing services I offer:

  • Targeted cover letter(s)
  • Critical Leadership Initiatives addendum
  • One-page abbreviated/networking resume
  • Executive bio
  • Networking scripts
  • Email messages


How do you win a blue ribbon? By being the best you can be!

Blue-Ribbon-Resume-CreationThe same goes for your resume and other career-related materials. There’s no substitute for excellence in content, planning, and presentation–no second chance to make a good first impression.

Do you need a high-quality resume that presents you as a competitive candidate for positions as a senior manager or executive?

I can create a professional resume that positions you as a top-quality candidate in the eyes of employers and helps you stand out strongly from your competition for the position you’re pursuing.

How long does it take? Delivery of the initial proof copy or draft normally occurs within 5-7 work-days after I have all your information. Start-to-finish, the whole process typically takes less than two weeks.

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LinkedIn Services

If you don’t have an active, robust LinkedIn presence, you could be essentially invisible to employers who search LinkedIn. That might be fatal to your career growth and job search success.
Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If so, what kind of shape is it in? Does it enhance your online presence and visibility–or, in other words, make you attractive to employers?

I can create or revamp your profile so you can more easily catch the attention of employers who search LinkedIn for senior management and executive candidates. I will develop content that you can use to enhance your existing profile or create one, along with relevant explanations of how to best use the information.


LinkedIn is a great way to build your professional network and open doors to new opportunities. It offers a digital window into your business experience. Creating a strong LinkedIn profile presents you as a serious professional and helps attract like-minded business professionals to you–including not only prospective employers but also potential resources (connections) who could increase your value to your current employer.


Do you know what to do with your LinkedIn profile–or LinkedIn itself–once you put your profile in place?

My one-hour LinkedIn coaching session can help you identify critical ways to make LinkedIn work for you, both during your current job search and beyond.

Remember: If LinkedIn isn’t working effectively for you, it’s in effect working against you because you’re all but invisible to potential employers.

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Career Strategy Process

Career management services can help you execute smooth job and career transitions, learn interview techniques that will boost your success rate, and avoid or greatly reduce the frequent mistakes even senior-level job seekers make when they assume planning is an option instead of a necessity.

Knowing where you want to go represents a critical part of the career management process. If you don’t have a reasonably clear goal in mind, I recommend getting clarity through my career coaching services, which include exploration and evaluation of possible career choices.

As the saying goes, “Luck is not a strategy.” As a senior professional who holds a position with significant responsibility, you undoubtedly plan critical initiatives carefully and well ahead of the time they need to be in place. Why? Because getting caught unprepared is not an outcome your company would view favorably!

Your ongoing career success requires the same degree of careful attention and timely action. Missing a great career opportunity because you weren’t paying enough attention or weren’t ready for it is something you want to prevent if at all possible.

By the same token, you don’t want to discover that you’re sadly uprepared when a crisis erupts–such as a disaster at your company–and puts your position at risk. A situation like that is disturbing on two counts: (1) It leaves you floundering about what to do next; and (2) It could probably have been avoided!

Career Planning and Success:
Career-planning-goals-management-perspectiveYou risk achieving hit-or-miss results if you adopt a haphazard approach to your career. For lasting career success and satisfaction, it’s important that you pay attention to all the critical aspects, including the following:

  • Long- and short-term career goals: With an overall plan in place, you can execute short-range actions and still keep on track for the long-range goal, making course-corrections as needed.
  • Awareness of both declining and emerging trends: Companies and industries go through many changes over time, some more substantial and challenging than others. If you keep an eye out for trends that could affect your career in the not-too-distant future–good or bad–you’re much less likely to be blindsided.
  • The impact of technology advances on your career or job search: Technology might not be your friend, but you don’t want it to be your enemy, either. Realistically, you need to accept that technology changes are going to happen whether you want them to or not. The more you can make technology work to your advantage, the better.
  • Changes in your perspective and priorities as you mature: If you’ve been building your career for a number of years, you’re probably no longer in a low-ranking position. You’ve increased your expertise, strengths, and value to employers. Equally important, you’re no longer exactly the same person you were back then. For example, family might be a higher priority than it was at the time you launched your career. When you change, others aspects might need to as well.
  • Marketing tools most relevant at various stages of your career: When you started out, a fairly straightforward resume and cover letter might have been all you needed most of the time. However, that’s not so likely to be true as you move through (and upward in) your career. In fact, even newcomers to the management ranks are now discovering that tools such as a LinkedIn profile represent a key component of their career success. Similarly, an executive bio is a good example of a tool that tends to be more relevant at senior levels, and it’s wise to have one ready “just in case.”


Next Steps

Here’s a look at what might be our next steps:

  • Free initial phone consultation (see “Ready for a Phone Call” below).
  • Project quote, including recommended services and financial investment. Note: The amount for a project can vary considerably. I will provide a quote for your recommended career services solution when we have our phone consultation, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. In the meantime, I can basically tell you that the amount for services ranges from as low as $150 to more than $1,800, depending on the scope, nature, and complexity of the project and the services requested.
  • Agreement to move forward with your project, including an information-gathering questionnaire and follow-up phone consultation.

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