Is Your Career Ready for a Change? Are You?

We all know change is often uncomfortable, even when we initiate it. Are you avoiding a change because you’re not sure it’s the right time or direction…or because you’re just reluctant  to dive into the job search hassle? If so, you might need to nudge yourself to “bite the bullet” and get moving.

On the other hand, maybe you’re avoiding change because you’re happy where you are, doing what your job involves, but someone has told you, “You should make a change. That’s what you have to do to grow in your career.”

Not so fast! Sometimes change is necessary for professional growth and long-term career success. That doesn’t mean it’s always necessary or can’t be postponed for good and sufficient reasons.

Two Points to Consider about  Job or Career Change Decisions

Although there might be a number of aspects you’ll want to look at if you’re considering a possible job change (or career change), these two could help you choose:

  1. Am I feeling “stuck” or stifled in my present job situation? If yes, the time could be right to seriously consider making a change.
  2. Does my current situation make me happy to go to work each day and look forward to what I’m going to do? If yes, you can probably postpone any decision about major changes for now. Just keep your thought open to different possibilities that might occur later on to influence your decision in a new direction.

In other words, change can be a necessity or desirable–or not. It depends on your situation. How can you tell?

Reasons to Consider a Job Change

Changing your job or career because someone else thinks you should doesn’t actually make a lot of sense, although you might still decide to take that factor into consideration. However, you could have one or more perfectly good reasons to consider a job change, including:

  • Chance to grow professionally
  • Opportunity to make more money
  • Transition into a new field
  • Relocation to a place you’d really like to live
  • Work that allows you to make a worthwhile contribution to a cause you believe in

Look closely and thoughtfully at possible reasons for your job change. Does one (or more) make good sense in your current situation? If it does, you can decide what your next step(s) need to be and take the appropriate actions.

P.S. New year’s resolutions are not necessarily a good way to launch a job change unless you’re sure you’re ready to make it happen. You don’t want to see your job search goal vanish the way so many resolutions do!

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