Job Layoffs Looming

Are job layoffs looming in your corner of the world? As you probably know, COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on our economy as well as our safety. Companies have vanished or at least cut back badly, causing massive job layoffs.job layoffs

Unfortunately, recent news suggests we’ll see more job layoffs–maybe large numbers. These layoffs could impact people in higher-paying positions, not just those in lower-income jobs. If that fits your status, you could have cause for concern.

For one thing, our government still struggles with how to do another relief round. In other words, if, when, and how much should be done? This adds a layer of worry to an already daunting picture.

What Can and Should People Do When Facing Job Layoffs?

If the ax hasn’t fallen on your job yet, you might have time to take a few useful actions. On the other hand, what if you’ve already gone through the layoff? In that case, see if you can quickly put remedial actions in place. Regardless, brace for the worst but keep an open mind about both the challenges and the options you might consider.

I won’t waste time listing all the steps you should take, such as review expenses for cut backs. Do those to help buy time and soften the near-term blow, but don’t expect magical results.

Why have Job Layoffs Hit So Hard–and We’re Not Done Yet?

layoffs increase

Layoffs can happen in the best economy–and ours was fairly good at the start of 2020. However, the pandemic sent our country to a place it’s never been before–and many businesses into a tailspin. With no end in sight and the numbers soaring, you have a challenge you couldn’t foresee in January.

With winter coming, experts predict a bleak picture for both health risks and the economic impact. What’s more, you might have little or no control over some of the factors. For instance,  you can’t force others to take commonsense steps, such as wearing a face mask and avoiding too-close contact. You also can’t decide whether your company schedules more layoffs and, if so, which employees it lets go.

So, if the outlook seems grim, is there hope? Yes. We’ve received encouraging news about vaccine availability that could come sooner than first expected. Other hopeful changes might occur that we can’t envision yet. My best advice: Focus more on what you CAN control than what you can’t. For example, if you’re already working from home, can you find new ways to add value to your company’s business strength?

How Can You Survive a Layoff?laid off manager

This topic could call for a whole blog post on its own! (In fact, it probably will.) However, here are a few quick tips from an article titled, “How to Survive Being Laid Off,” by Susan Joyce:

  • Get everything that is due you.
  • Negotiate a benefit package.
  • IMMEDIATELY – Request a laid-off (not fired) employee letter from HR.
  • IMMEDIATELY – Find out about continuing your health insurance coverage.
  • IMMEDIATELY – Register for unemployment compensation with your local state Employment Office.
  • Have personal business cards made or make your own on your computer.
  • Put LinkedIn to work for you.
  • Get support in your job search.
  • Catch your breath and deal with your feelings.
  • Take a few moments to count your blessings, every day.

So You Need a New Job

First, start looking now, even if job layoffs haven’t hit your company yet. This is one time when waiting to see what happens does not make good sense.need new job

Of course, you need a new job if you’ve lost (or are about to lose) the one you had. There’s no shame in that. The pandemic doesn’t play favorites with regard to the harm it inflicts on your potential income. If you didn’t already have a plan in place, make one now. Look realistically at your situation and begin taking the near-term steps you need to take.

More Info about Job Layoffs during COVID-19

You might find it worthwhile to consult resources for added background and tips on how to cope with a pandemic job search. Below are a few sources to check out:

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