Job Search Success–Rocket Launch or Steady Climb?

Does your job search success approach look more like a rocket launch or a steady climb? Should you worry that you’re moving too fast or not fast enough? What’s the “right” or “best” method for success? (Hint: That last question’s a trick one.)rocket launch

Job Search as a Rocket Launch

In theory, you can blast off in your job search. Set your sights on the goal, jump-start your job search activities, and don’t let up until you see interviews start coming along, followed (you hope) by job offers. If you don’t have anything much else going on in your life, that theory might hold up. When you focus intensely on a goal, you’re more likely to achieve it than if you adopt a casual pace.

However, this outlook assumes you encounter few, if any, obstacles in the path your rocket is streaking along. That might bear little resemblance to reality. Job-search glitches tend to be a fact of life at times.

Good news, though: A certain amount of urgency and high-energy progress can boost your job search success, even if you do run into some roadblocks. It depends a lot on how well you plan for contingencies and how quickly you respond to the current challenge.

Job Search as a Steady Climb

steady climbThink about the fable of the tortoise and the hare. In that case, busts of speed were a lot less important than focus and steady progress. Your job search might work quite well for you if you keep your eye on the desired goal and make sure you continue taking the steps you need to reach it.

Climbing the job search success ladder one rung at a time might not sound glamorous, but glamor doesn’t always land the job you want. (Unless maybe you’re after a career in Hollywood!) Furthermore, you could lose focus if you get distracted by the unglamorous aspect of the “slow and steady” climb you’re engaged in.

Finally, I think one other point needs to be considered here. Avoid comparing your job search method and progress to how others do it. To put it bluntly, you aren’t them! What works–and makes sense–for you might not match what’s right for them, and vice-versa.

So what should you opt for–the rocket launch or the steady climb?

What’s the Right Method for Your Job Search Success?

Remember my earlier question, “What’s the ‘right’ or ‘best’ method for success?” Actually, as I said, it’s a trick question. This is one of those cases where there’s no “right” or “best” in the strict sense.job search success

In other words, you choose. Sometimes that might mean you plan and execute a high-speed job search–or as high-speed as you can make it. On the other hand, you might realize that a slow-and-steady approach fits your needs better in a given situation. Pick what meets the need.

The payoff comes when you do that.

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