Job Seeker’s Market: What Does It Mean to You?

According to many published reports, we currently have a job seeker’s market. Essentially, that means more available jobs than people looking for one. Does that indicate your next job search will be a slam-dunk? Not inevitably.are you prepared

Hint: Failure to take other factors into consideration could cost you.

So, are you prepared for what you might encounter when you launch your job search?

Important Points about a Job Seeker’s Market

The following represent a few of the points you’ll want to keep in mind about a job seeker’s market:

  • Overall, we might have plenty of employment opportunities in the current economy. That does not mean every job seeker can walk into a great job tomorrow.
  • Even though employers seem to be scrambling for good candidates, not all opportunities are equal. Also, not all companies will appeal to you and your situation.
  • It’s risky to assume you’ll have a smooth path based on strong demand for what you offer. Overconfidence can trip you up and disrupt your job search.
  • Employment conditions can change. The economy could head into a slowdown phase. The pool of job opportunities could shrink or, in some cases, vanish.

Don’t Become a “Ghost” (No-Show) Interview Candidate

job seekers' market

Recently I read an article titled, “In a job seekers market, more candidates are now ‘ghosting’.” Apparently, some of you have started assuming that good job availability means you don’t need to honor interview appointments.

As the article comments, “For some job hunters, the tables have now turned. Instead of employers ghosting candidates — where job seekers fail to get any response from their applications — it’s now the applicants who are failing to show up to meetings, don’t return phone calls, or even quit without giving notice.”

Not cool, folks, even if it might feel exciting to have the upper hand with employers for a change! Remember, the worm can turn.

You want to stick in the employer’s mind for the right reasons, not the wrong ones!

Make Yourself a Standout Candidate

Regardless of the seemingly strong job seeker’s market, you still want and need to make yourself a standout candidate for the opportunities you particularly want to land. The most desirable jobs will probably still see the lion’s share of applicants that share your interest in those jobs!

How do you make yourself stand out? Here are a few suggestions:job winner

  1. Know your market (employers)! Not every employer or every job will have the same requirements, advantages, or challenges.
  2. Sharpen your unique value proposition (if you’re in sales, they call it a unique selling proposition). Make sure your UVP zeroes-in on employers’ needs–their hot buttons.
  3. Conduct an active job search, which includes doing what I call your homework. Just because there’s demand doesn’t mean a plum job will fall into your lap on its own.

Remember, if you don’t “go after it,” your competitors surely will! You want to win the prize, so take the steps you need to get you there.


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