LinkedIn — Are You Using it “Right” in Your Job Search?

The title of this post is really a trick question. I think there are many ways to use LinkedIn in your job search, not just one “right” method. However, there are also at least several ways of using it “wrong”–which is to say, badly or not at all.

Linkedin WebsiteNow I’m not going to “beat you up” (again) if you’re not yet convinced that you need to be well represented and active on LinkedIn at all times, but especially if you’re in or considering a full-on job search. Okay, so I might beat you up just a little (smile). But most of all, what I want is for you to ask yourself seriously if you’re giving sufficient, focused attention to your online presence, especially regarding LinkedIn. If you aren’t, I sincerely urge you (plead, cajole, beg!) to rethink your attitude about it.

What CAN MATCH LinkedIn’S Potential Value (ROI)?

You probably have multiple options for your job search plan, and I think it’s wise to incorporate as many of them as you reasonably can, assuming you’ve determined that they can add significant value to your job search. What might those options include?

At the risk of boring you by repeating things you might have read or heard dozens of times already, below are just a few possibilities (in case you haven’t been paying attention):

  • Get involved in activities that bring you some additional (and favorable) exposure, including charities and other community-based organizations you want to support.
  • Reconnect with people you know fairly well but haven’t communicated with in quite a while, to bring each other up to date on what you’ve both been doing.
  • Review how you’re currently spending your time and energy, to determine where and how you can carve out time to focus on job-search planning and execution.


However, few if any of the other options available to you can offer the power and “reach” that your LinkedIn profile and active participation can.

Top 3 (5, 9…) Mistakes You Could be Making with Your LinkedIn Profile

Ah, it’s that dreaded numbered list, included here to catch your attention! I’d be very surprised if you haven’t encountered at least a few of those by now. Why is that? Because by and large, they do catch your attention.

Recently I came across one of those articles, and because it’s a “good read” with some practical advice, I’m including the link to it here. The title is “The Top Three Mistakes Mid-Career Professionals Keep Making on Their LinkedIn profiles.” Here in a nutshell are the three main mistakes, according to author Kathy Caprino:

  1. Your profile doesn’t tell a cohesive, compelling story that holds together or inspires.
  2. Your summary features “tasks” not critical outcomes generated.
  3. No one else is talking about you in a positive way.

Hint: You might want to take a particularly close look at #3 as it appears in Caprino’s article.

Competition AheadI don’t think any one person can know everything there is to know about using LinkedIn in a job search, especially since LinkedIn keeps changing its game rules. However, if you want to keep up with your competition–and preferably ahead of them!–you need to keep an eye out for articles on this subject that don’t just sound like a piece of fluff (written to fill up space).

I do my best to do that as a business owner, so I can serve my clients better. You have a vested interest in doing it because it could help you achieve your professional goals. In other words, the writers’ insights could increase your ability to use LinkedIn effectively in your job search.

P.S. I’m in the early stages of planning some enhancements to the LinkedIn profile service I currently offer. When I have something more concrete to share, I’ll let you know.




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