Low Job Satisfaction – Time to Jump Ship?

When you look back on the year so far and think about where you are versus where you wanted to be, do you wonder if it’s time to jump ship into a new job and/or new company? Low job satisfaction can sneak up on you–be overlooked in the day-to-day press of getting things done–but it’s a situation to be taken seriously.

Why is Low Job Satisfaction Important?

You can sabotage your overall career success and risk costly consequences if you let low job satisfaction color your attitude and actions. Worst case, of course, you could find yourself suddenly reaching the boiling point and throwing your job away. Rarely is this a wise move–if it ever is.

You might be experiencing low job satisfaction consciously or unconsciously . The distinction is that you need to be aware of it, if it exists, so you can take appropriate measures to counterbalance or correct it before you recklessly conclude that anything is preferable to staying in that situation–or prompt management to make the decision for you!

How to Counteract Low Job Satisfaction

Start by determining if you’re actually experiencing it as an ongoing condition or just having a bad day at work. An off-day can happen even in an otherwise great job and great company. However, if you discover that the low points are chronic or near-chronic, you need to take action.

Ask yourself some questions to clarify the situation and help decide on an appropriate course of remedial action. For instance:

  • What’s most important to me in my work?
  • Are the most important aspects still present in my current situation?
  • What has caused the disturbing decline in my job satisfaction level?
  • Is this condition likely to improve over time or will I need to take action?
  • What are the possible consequences if I just “let it ride” and don’t take action?

Look for ways to improve the situation where you are and evaluate those against what would be involved in changing your job/company. Use that as a guide in moving forward.

What Your Job Satisfaction Depends On

Overall, you have certain elements you need or greatly want to have in your job and career. If those aren’t present, you’ll likely feel low job satisfaction and concern about your long-term career success. Once you’ve identified the issues and refocused your attention, you can decide the best approach to make sure that your job and career satisfaction levels stay strong.

Jumping ship might or might not be the approach you choose. What matters most is that you consciously choose a course that offers the most desirable career growth and satisfaction for you.

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