New Year Career Tips: 2021 vs. 2020

Do you need a few new year career tips for 2021–before the year is half over or more? If you want this year to look better than 2020 did, you need to do some thoughtful planning and action. You can’t expect better results to just year career tips to pursue

You could consider some simple basics, such as this advice from RobertHalf: “Get better sleep. Start a new workout routine. Practice mindfulness. As you make resolutions to improve your life, you might also find yourself setting some goals around your career, including exploring the employment market. But you can’t simply wish your way to a more fulfilling career. You have to work at it.”

New Year Career Tips to Start Off 2021

On the other hand, maybe your situation calls for a radical change of plans. This might require taking a long look at what you hope 2021 will bring and what you can realistically expect.

For example, an article on says that “this past year has brought tremendous change for so many of us—including when it comes to our careers. From layoffs and furloughs to paycuts and pay freezes, not to mention figuring out how to juggle remote work and daily lives during a pandemic, 2020 has changed professional life in profound ways. Given how tied our careers are to our identities, prioritizing your professional life is a valid and important goal for the upcoming year.”

tangled mess of 2020Briefly, if you don’t want 2021 to match 2020, you need to take action. Otherwise, it could end up looking like a tangled mess.

The Vault article proposes six resolutions to consider. That is, “I resolve to…”

  1. Find a healthy work environment.
  2. Make time for myself.
  3. Stay organized.
  4. Set boundaries.
  5. “Go for it.”
  6. Avoid distractions.

What Will or Can 2021 Do for You?

Let’s back up for a moment. Does 2020 rank as one of the worst years in your life? If so, you could feel as if you’re caught in a maze with no way out. However, you can take steps to change that puzzling picture and move forward.

career maze

Your guess is probably as good as mine regarding how this year will shape up.  Some hopeful signs have emerged, including vaccine possibilities to help with the pandemic (at least, once we get the distribution straightened out!). It’s a beginning but not the whole trip.

Deciding which direction to go next demands a focus you might find tough to gain at this point. However, refusal to try makes a poor option. As opera star Beverly Sills once said, “You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.” She also pointed out that “there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

Sample Career Tips

So here’s a sample from my own list of new year career tips: Don’t stand in the middle of the road!

General George S. Patton would not have made a good poster child for a “how to win friends and influence people” message. He told people what to do and expected them to figure out how to do it pronto. However, he amassed an impressive record of career success by doing what he did best.

He also offered nuggets of good advice throughout his career; for example a comment about moving forward or getting out of the way of someone who will.move or get run over

Basically, Patton believed that those who stand in the middle of the road and fail to take a positive step will become casualties of those who push ahead toward their goals.

New Year Career Tips–What’s Next?

Take a deep breath–physical and mental. Inhale deeply. Allow yourself a brief period of quiet contemplation. Then ask yourself a few key questions, such as the following:

  • What’s my situation now?
  • Where do I want to end up on December 31?
  • What progress can I make in three months? Six months?
  • Who do I need help from to achieve those short-term goals?
  • Am I ready to start? If not, why  not?

Once you decide you are ready, gather your internal and external resources–everything you need and can gain access to–and launch your active campaign to make 2021 a better year. Your job and career success might depend on it. Remember, doom is only certain if you fail to try.


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