Successful Executive Job Search Strategies

What do you need for a successful job search as an executive? For starters, you need executive job search strategies that can power your search in the most effective way. In other words, you need a strategically sound job search plan that allows you to fine-tune your focus .

How Do You Conduct an Executive Job Search?

First, you treat it as a cut or two above the job search someone would conduct at a lower level. You aren’t competing with as many people, perhaps, but you do face competition that’s more intense. You need to ramp-up your efforts with that added challenge in mind.

If you’ve reached the executive ranks, you know the value of strategic planning in business activities. According to Wikipedia, “strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy.”Executive Job Search Strategies

That matches the approach to take for your executive job search if you expect it to produce a successful outcome–a new or better job. Online executive resource BlueSteps suggests one reason planning is important. They say “before launching your search, it is vital to develop a strategic plan to maximize your time and efforts: an executive’s two most precious commodities.”

What is the Value of a Planned Job Search Strategy?

Your search benefits from having a clear sense of direction and purpose. However, it also depends heavily on creation and execution of a job search plan tailored to your desired goal. Well chosen executive job search strategies form the foundation and structure for this plan.

You can read thousands of articles on how to conduct an executive job search and the best strategies to use. I won’t pretend to cover all the topics in this post. However, the articles present some common themes, and I will touch on those.

Guidelines for Creating Executive Job Search Strategies

Job Search GoalBriefly, you will want to consider the following:

  • Know where you’re going—what you want to achieve.
  • Determine what obstacles you face in the search.
  • Review the resources you need most and can access quickly.
  • Make sure your career marketing plan and materials reflect your value and purpose.
  • Build job search time into your schedule, even if that’s hard to do.

Moreover, take a good look at which executive job search strategies make the best sense for each of those areas. One size does not fit all. For example, if your job search is confidential, how can you reduce the risk of exposure with your current employer? The strategy needs to protect your position until you’re ready to make your move to a new job.

Your Personal USP and Why It Matters

Do you know your personal USP? The acronym stands for Unique Selling Proposition. In business, it represents a product or service the company offers and why potential customers should want it. On the other hand, for your job search, it means what you can do for potential employers that would impel them to contact you, schedule interviews, and offer you a job.Unique Selling Proposition

An article on provides tips for making your personal USP—“what you bring to the table”—a marketing home-run. It advises you to ask some key questions:

  • What have been my greatest achievements to date?
  • In what kind of company/environment do I best create success?
  • What pain points/problems am I best at solving?
  • What particular challenges exist within my industry at this time that I can conquer?
  • What do I want to do more of?

I would stress, too, the importance of knowing and sharing what gives you a competitive edge. That is, how you do something different from/better than your competition. For instance, do you typically see problems before they erupt into disaster and come up with a great solution? Do you spot opportunities for growth and profit that have been overlooked or ignored in the past?

Overall, put time and energy into your search with the right focus. Incorporate your executive job search strategies in a cohesive plan and execute it. Life doesn’t offer guarantees, but this will give you the best odds for a successful executive job search.



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