Career Resilience in Uncertain Times

I suspect most of us think of resilience as the built-in ability to “bounce back” from problems, setbacks, etc. So what is career resilience? It is “defined as the ability to adjust to career change as it happens and…adapt to what the market demands. The possibility of an unexpected job loss should not be the […]

2019: Challenges or New Opportunities?

2019 isn’t about making New Year’s resolutions you might not keep for long. No, the coming year represents an opportunity–or many of them. In fact, you can choose to view it as a series of challenges or opportunities. In large part, it’s up to you. How You Can See New Opportunities for 2019 Don’t think […]

Is Your Career Ready for a Change? Are You?

We all know change is often uncomfortable, even when we initiate it. Are you avoiding a change because you’re not sure it’s the right time or direction…or because you’re just reluctant¬† to dive into the job search hassle? If so, you might need to nudge yourself to “bite the bullet” and get moving. On the […]

Time to Re-Think Your Job Search

While many people are probably anticipating enjoyment of New Year’s eve celebrations and possibly their favorite sporting or other events associated with New Year’s day, you might be thinking instead of your upcoming job search–and wishing you could just relax and enjoy the holidays! If you’ve so far neglected to get a December head-start on […]

Facing a Career Crossroads: How Do You Respond?

Decisions that could change your life can be difficult to make, and that’s particularly true of career decisions. In some respects, you have no way of knowing all the possible outcomes of a given career choice at the outset and won’t know exactly how it will shape up until it’s a done deal (hindsight being […]

Job & Career Change: If Not Now, When?

As I’ve said before, change can act as a stumbling-block in your career progress and keep you from achieving desirable goals. Change tends to be uncomfortable, and we aren’t always as motivated and committed to it as we need to be. This is true of job change, career change, life change. Sometimes we think we […]

Job Search Decisions That Work for You

If you’re facing a major decision regarding your job search or career plans, it can sometimes make you feel like running the other direction! That usually happens for one of several reasons, such as: Although you’re not sure you’re ready to make a change, events seem to be propelling you in that general direction–but the […]

Reputation Management and Your Career Success

If you expect to be a top contender for new career opportunities–new job, career change possibilities, and more–you must (not just should) pay attention to your reputation online. It’s a fact that what you don’t know can hurt you. If you don’t stay aware of what’s being said about you in cyberspace, you’re risking a […]