Career Decisions: The Road Not Taken

Career decisions can cause you a lot of soul-searching and make you second-guess the choice you decide on after you’ve committed to it. How you choose to handle that dilemma is up to you, of course, but it made me think of a poem by Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”: “I shall be telling […]

Career and Life Balance Can be Tough

The concept of work-life balance has been around for a long time, but there’s one aspect of it that really got my attention within the last week. I want to share it with you in case you ever have a similar situation. No regrets–that’s my theme. I lost a dear friend a few days ago. […]

LinkedIn Endorsements and Your Job Search

Controversial topics can enliven your job search–for instance, they give you opinions on multiple sides of an issue that potentially affects your ongoing career success. LinkedIn’s endorsements feature is one of those topics. I’ve written about it before, but based on what I’m reading and hearing these days, it merits another look. What People are […]

Avoid LinkedIn Goofs

As you probably know, LinkedIn keeps changing–sometimes it seems as if that happens every time you turn around. However, that’s no excuse for letting yourself get so far behind the curve that your profile brands you as hopelessly out of touch. 10 Amateurish LinkedIn Blunders According to a article by personal branding guru William […]

Celebration Time: 200 and Counting!

This will be a much shorter post than usual. It’s Saturday, and I have lots of things on my to-do list that have nothing to do with my resume-writing and career-coaching business. Besides being a business owner, I’m also a homeowner, a parent of an adult who needs some extra help, the “slave” of two […]

Career Change: Now…Later…Never?

If you’re one of those fortunate people who knew at age 10 what you wanted your life’s work to be and have never wavered from that, congratulations! You’re almost certainly one of a fairly small minority. Most of us have progressed through multiple career changes; many have done it a lot. Sometimes it’s a question […]

Expect the Unexpected–in Your Job Search as Well as the Economy

In a previous post I talked about the need to be–and stay–aware of job search trends and other related trends. At the same time, it’s clear that the “experts” in a variety of fields don’t always have all the answers and they can’t predict with a high degree of certainty what the job market or […]

Toxic Bosses or Toxic Coworkers

Did you know that there’s a website called Or that there’s an organization called the Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute? I didn’t until I Googled the term “toxic bosses or coworkers” and found a multitude of articles and other items related to this topic. Not only is it not a new problem, but it […]