Problem Solvers in Demand: Job Search & On-the-Job

You might be counting on your field of professional expertise or specific skill-set to help you land your next great job opportunity, whether it’s an internal promotion or a new job at another company–and you could be right. But you might have another talent that would turn you into a front-runner, even against stiff competition. […]

5 Costly Job Search Mistakes – and What to Do About Them

For many people, job searching is less fun than going to the dentist! The path to success (a new job) is fraught with pitfalls, and the process ranks high on the Stress-Meter. While no one can guarantee you a smooth, stress-free ride, you can evaluate possible problems and prepare an active defense. Then you come […]

Privacy and Your Job Search

Privacy is a huge topic these days, including with regard to job searching. One of the big questions seems to be whether it’s even possible for you to have privacy when conducting a job search. Of course, this is a larger issue than just when an active job search is involved. However, some of the […]

LinkedIn & Your Confidential Job Search

Heads up, confidential job seekers! Your search might have become a lot less confidential than you thought, if you unintentionally selected having a “Job Seeker Badge” (briefcase icon) as part of your LinkedIn profile. What is a Job Seeker Badge? According to LinkedIn’s Help feature, here’s the basic answer: How do I show that I […]

LinkedIn Doesn’t Mean You’re Job Searching

Because I have frequently advocated using LinkedIn as part of your job search planning, you might be surprised at the heading of this post. After all, a robust online presence is essential to being found by potential employers, and LinkedIn is recognized as a key element of building and maintaining that robust presence. Right? Certainly, […]

LinkedIn: Use It Wisely in Your Career Strategy

I make no secret of the fact that I consider LinkedIn a valuable job search and career management tool. I recommend it strongly to my clients for that reason. However, as with most things, I know there are caveats regarding how and when LinkedIn is used–in other words, how you manage your participation as part […]

5 Problems to Avoid in a Confidential Job Search

Conducting a confidential job search means doing it without letting your current employer know. In other words, you need to protect the confidentiality of your search until you have accepted a formal offer from an employer and are ready to give notice at your present company. However, numerous mistakes can trip up an incautious job […]