Artificial Intelligence & Your Job Search

What does artificial intelligence have to do with your job search? Probably more than you might think. Unless you find creative methods for your job search, you’re likely to encounter artificial intelligence (AI) along the way. Artificial Intelligence–What is It & Why Does It Matter in Job Search? According to Merriam-Webster, the term artificial intelligence […]

Recruiting Practices & Your Job Search

If you’ve ever been a job seeker, you know employers don’t design their recruiting practices to make your life easier! While it might not be realistic to expect them to put your interests above their own, why should it be unrealistic to expect them to treat potential employees with respect and make the recruiting/hiring process […]

Resume & Job Interview Black Hole

Have you ever submitted your resume for an opening that matched your qualifications and never received an acknowledgment? Or have you interviewed with a company and never been informed as to the outcome (which obviously meant they hadn’t picked you!)? Companies too often show a lack of respect for candidates who respond to openings by […]

Technology & Your Job Search–Some “Gotchas”

No one is likely to deny that we live an an age suffused with technology. Unless you live on a deserted island, you’ll probably encounter some aspects of technology every day. Your job search is no exception to that “rule.” These days, even not-too-savvy job seekers are probably using some form of technology in their […]

Video Interviews: Challenges & Opportunities

A while ago I mentioned the idea of “canned” video interviews that some companies were instituting in their hiring process (make that screening process). Now I have a first-hand client story that points out some of the perils these interviews pose for job seekers. One of my clients was required to undergo a video-webcam interview […]

Your Resume and the Hiring Process

You might understand that your resume becomes part of the hiring process as soon as you start submitting it to prospective employers for positions you know they have open. However, you might not realize some of the ins and outs of how recruiters and hiring managers deal with your resume as part of their hiring […]

What Talent Communities Mean to Your Job Search & Career Management

Whether or not you’re involved in any online communities, you probably have an idea of what they are. Just as an example, communities could focus on a common love for the same breed of dog, a conviction that whitewater rafting is the greatest vacation adventure, or a passionate belief that chocolate is one of the […]