Job Interview Trauma – Please Don’t Ask This!

If you had to decide between going through an interview for a job you really want or having a tooth pulled, which would you choose? I wouldn’t be surprised if you opted for the tooth removal! At least it would be over with quickly, and you’d start feeling better soon. With the job interview, though, […]

Behavioral Interviews: What Are They & How Do You Handle Them?

The term “behavioral interview” isn’t new. It’s been around since at least the 1990s, I believe. However, you might still not have heard it or you might have encountered a behavioral interview without knowing that’s what it was going to be. You can prepare just as well for a behavioral interview as for a “normal” […]

Career Tip #1: Don’t Sell Yourself Short!

Have you ever downplayed, devalued or ignored something you accomplished because you thought it wasn’t a big deal or because you did it as a volunteer and figured that didn’t count? Think hard before you answer, because I’ve run into a lot of clients who have and so have many of my professional colleagues. That’s […]

Job Success: Make Others Look Great

Regardless of what you do on the job and when you’re pursuing a new job or career role, quality obviously matters. You certainly wouldn’t knowingly give less than your best to the situation. In fact, if you’re seriously invested in your job success or career advancement, you’re probably making a strong effort to excel in […]

Interview Preparation: Are You Ready?

The phone rings, and a company you applied to wants to interview you more or less “right now.” What should you do? Ideally, start by buying yourself some think-time. That is, indicate to the caller that although you don’t have time to talk properly at the moment, you are definitely interested and would like to […]

Too Busy? Prioritize Your Job Search

Some people think they’re too busy to conduct an effective job search–they feel overloaded at work, overwhelmed by family responsibilities, unsure what tasks to tackle next on their “to do” list. You know what–I think I just described myself, LOL! Except, of course, I’m not conducting or even planning a job search because I love […]

Tricky Interview Questions & How to Handle Them

As if interviewing weren’t enough challenge for many people–especially those who have an urgent need for a new position–there’s the tiger lurking in the underbrush, ready to pounce. By that, I mean the interviewer who throws in trick questions to catch you off-guard and pull out information you normally wouldn’t want to provide. Some Tricky […]