What is a Zoom Interview?

Recently I posted an article on “How to Ace a Zoom Interview.” This time I want to answer a more basic but important question: “What is a Zoom Interview?” Some common questions job seekers ask include the following: What is a Zoom app? According to Google, “Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool with a […]

How to Ace a Zoom Interview

For a Zoom job interview, how should I set up my interview space? Remember it’s a professional activity. Whether you schedule a Zoom interview or an in person interview, the interview space must reflect professionalism. Avoid visually distracting elements that could divert the interviewer’s attention from you. That said, I offer these interviewing tips regarding […]

Job Interview Trauma – Please Don’t Ask This!

If you had to decide between going through an interview for a job you really want or having a tooth pulled, which would you choose? I wouldn’t be surprised if you opted for the tooth removal! At least it would be over with quickly, and you’d start feeling better soon. With the job interview, though, […]

Dumb Interview Questions–Heard Any Lately?

No, I never got asked any of those dumb interview questions myself. However, I know people who have, and you probably know what I mean. It’s the “what flavor of ice cream would you be” or “if you had to choose between selling your child and selling your car, which would you choose” (I made […]

Tricky Interview Questions & How to Handle Them

As if interviewing weren’t enough challenge for many people–especially those who have an urgent need for a new position–there’s the tiger lurking in the underbrush, ready to pounce. By that, I mean the interviewer who throws in trick questions to catch you off-guard and pull out information you normally wouldn’t want to provide. Some Tricky […]

Crazy Interview Questions & How to Handle Them

For a while, I thought this business of companies asking crazy, weird and sometimes just stupid-sounding interview questions was fading away. Unfortunately, it now seems to be alive and well. I just read an article by John Zappe, called “Can You Get an Elephant into a Refrigerator?,” that references information provided by Glassdoor.com on this […]

Job Interview Stress and How to Reduce It

Some people would rather go to the dentist for a root canal than undergo a job interview! Personally, I’m not that fond of root canals, but then I’m also not looking for a new job right now–I love the one I have (helping clients with their resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, interview preparation, and so […]