Self-Respect & Integrity in Your Job Search

Wouldn’t it be great if job searching were a “piece of cake,” with no real challenges or speed-bumps to get past? Theoretically, that would mean you wouldn’t face any serious tests of your self-respect and integrity during the job search. Is that likely to happen in practice? Maybe not. Even the best-planned and -executed job […]

Your Job Search: Do You Stand Out?

Once upon a time, you probably received only a handful of emails per day, so you could read each one and quickly dispose of those you weren’t interested in. Then the deluge hit! Now you’re likely to miss something important because it’s buried in the flood of irrelevancy. Something similar can happen with your job […]

Does Your Job Search Have Any “Low-hanging Fruit”?

Human nature seems prone to look for an easy way to do things. That’s called going after the “low-hanging fruit,” which a dictionary defines as “something easily achieved or obtained; the most readily achievable goal.” The bad news is, you can’t reach a successful job search outcome by concentrating on easy goals. The good news […]

Career Tip: To Stress or Not to Stress

Whether you’re gainfully employed and reasonably secure or in the market for a new job to replace the one you lost, stress is probably a factor–something you’re forced to deal with if you don’t want it to overwhelm you. That’s the common perception of stress as a bad thing, and certainly if you’re experiencing potentially […]

Update Your Job Search Strategy

Sometimes we find that we have achieved a comfortable groove with our job search and career management. If that describes you, you might want to consider that a synonym for “groove” is “rut”! Achieving a comfortable groove sounds better than being stuck in a rut, but the concept is still the same. You are basically […]

Job Search Tools–Waste of Time or Worthwhile?

It makes good sense to keep an eye out for new job search tools that could help you manage your job search–even your ongoing career–more effectively. In other words, tools that save you time, effort, frustration, and so on. We live in a technology age, so it stands to reason technology in one form or […]

Disengaged Employees or Under-engaged Employees–Is That You?

Although we still see reports about ongoing layoffs and slow-to-hire employers, occasionally a bright spot appears on the horizon. At least, it’s a potential bright spot for would-be job seekers–such as employees who would have left their current job before now if they thought they could. Two new articles on (a recruiter-focused website) suggest […]

You’re Not an Entrepreneur? Really?

Probably most of you aren’t what would normally be described as an entrepreneur. Wikipedia says that’s “an owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative.” However, I believe there’s an element of entrepreneurship in most people, whether they recognize it or not. It’s just that in many cases, the […]