Job Search Tool: Jobs With Friends

As regular readers know, I like to occasionally spotlight job search tools and resources you might not be aware of, as well as job search trends that are gaining ground. “Jobs With Friends” came to my attention recently, and I thought it was worth highlighting. (Note: I haven’t used the service myself, since I’m not […]

When Is Your Brand Not a Brand?

If everything you publish about yourself as a professional–and that includes your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and more–makes you sound pretty much like hundreds or thousands of other people…your brand is not a brand. It will not make you stand out to prospective employers as a promising candidate for the job you want. Without […]

Job Search Tools–Waste of Time or Worthwhile?

It makes good sense to keep an eye out for new job search tools that could help you manage your job search–even your ongoing career–more effectively. In other words, tools that save you time, effort, frustration, and so on. We live in a technology age, so it stands to reason technology in one form or […]

Staffing Services in Your Job Search

Whether you call them staffing services, employment services or something else, does the use of staffing services in your job search make good sense? That depends (you knew I was going to say that, right?). In some circumstances, such agencies can be a useful tool when used in conjunction with other, stronger job search techniques. […]

Networking vs. Direct Contact: Strength in Numbers?

I have talked before about the strength-in-numbers concept. Today I want to look at a different aspect of that concept and its impact on your career advancement. What got me started on this was reading a book titled For Executives Only: Applying Business Techniques to Your Job Search by Bill Belknap and Helene Seiler, executive […]

Job Search Tools: Pinterest vs. LinkedIn

In some ways, we are awash in potential job search tools that are intended to–or purport to–provide job seekers with valuable assistance. Some of the tools are relatively new, while others have been around for some time (years, even). From what little I know of Pinterest (not much, I admit), I would not have included […]

Job Search Tools: Online Visibility Management

Along with other people in my profession, I’ve been telling clients, blog/Facebook followers and a lot of other individuals they need to make online presence a part of their ongoing career management, with particular attention paid when they’re preparing to launch an active job search. I’ve mainly considered that to mean doing your best to […]

Job Search Tools: Preptel

In a recent post on job search tools–specifically, TagCrowd–I promised the next post would cover Preptel as a job search tool. To be brief, life got in the way! However, from my preliminary research, I think Preptel is a tool you might want to investigate. It might help you cope with the aggravating trend toward […]