Older Workers: Discrimination vs. Need for Their Knowledge

Age discrimination in the workplace has long been a big concern–especially if you’re not getting any younger as time goes on, and obviously none of us is! Now, however, there seems to be a growing trend of people working longer and at least some companies being glad it’s happening. Of course, there’s a lot more […]

Key Job Search Requirements You Might Not Think Of

You might know–or think you know–what’s important in conducting a successful job search. BUT…are you overlooking or unaware of job search trends that could sharply reduce your odds of success? A recent article by personal branding guru William Arruda, titled “6 Unspoken Requirements for Every Job Seeker” makes some telling points about this subject. I […]

Two Ways to Do Your Resume: DIY & HAE

Boiled down to its simplest level, you have two ways to create or revamp your resume: Do It Yourself (DIY) or Hire An Expert (HAE). Since my profession is resume writing, you might guess I’m not going to tell you you should always do your own resume, but I will say that sometimes “it depends.” […]

Job Search Tool: Jobs With Friends

As regular readers know, I like to occasionally spotlight job search tools and resources you might not be aware of, as well as job search trends that are gaining ground. “Jobs With Friends” came to my attention recently, and I thought it was worth highlighting. (Note: I haven’t used the service myself, since I’m not […]

Job Search Trends–Something New?

At the rate websites proliferate today, you might have missed this new entry in the category of job search trends: Bright.com. I did! Until now, anyway. I actually started out reading an article on Fast Company, titled “5 Stupid Reasons You’re Underpaid–And How To Fix Them,” and the author said, ” Check out Glassdoor and […]

Where Companies Hire People From

Based on the CareerXroads(R) 2011 Annual Sources of Hire study (as noted on RecruitingTrends.com), the number one source for getting hired is still basically “who you know.” That’s no real surprise to those of you who already believe in the importance of networking and establishing relationships in order to help you increase your odds of […]