Job Success: Is Your Boss Creating Barriers to Your Progress?

Job success can sometimes be elusive and uncertain. Ideally, smart bosses should want their employees to succeed–it can make them look like good leaders. However, not all bosses are smart in that regard! Is your boss putting up barriers that impede your career growth and on-the-job success? On the other hand, does it sometimes just […]

Collaboration On the Job–Good or Bad?

I’ve always been a firm believer in collaboration (aka teamwork) in the workplace as well as elsewhere. In a job search, for example, collaboration with people who can help you achieve your objective is a key tool for a successful outcome. I felt it was an important piece of the job success equation on the […]

Talent vs. Hard Work in Job Success

Companies theoretically want to hire high-performance employees, and if that describes you, you probably want to be hired by a company that will recognize and appreciate the value you bring to it. The trick is, how do companies determine ahead of time whether someone will be a high performer and how do you present yourself […]

Networking Outside a Job Search

Many people are prompted to pay attention to networking when they’re in or about to start a job search, but the rest of the time, networking gets put on a back burner. Not only is this self-centered (perhaps somewhat understandably) but also it is short-sighted. Say you land your new job and don’t “need” your […]

Are You a Positive Energizer at Work?

Have you ever worked with someone who spread negativity around 24×7 (sort of like the dust-cloud that always followed Charles Schultz’ character Pigpen)? On the other hand, have you worked with someone who could put a smile on your face without visibly trying? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ll probably see […]

Job Success: Make Others Look Great

Regardless of what you do on the job and when you’re pursuing a new job or career role, quality obviously matters. You certainly wouldn’t knowingly give less than your best to the situation. In fact, if you’re seriously invested in your job success or career advancement, you’re probably making a strong effort to excel in […]

Job Success: Assets versus Liabilities

You might think you can’t have too much of things such as preparation, excellence or creativity if you hope to achieve job success and have a fulfilling, long-term career. However, according to a recent article by Anne Fisher, called “Too much of a good thing can stall your career,” that’s not the case. It’s a […]

Emotional Intelligence and Job Success

The first time I came across the term “emotional intelligence” (EI) in connection with the work world, I thought, “What?” Shows how much I know–or knew then, anyway. Since that time, I’ve been reading more about the concept and have found it quite interesting and informative. Although there are probably a gazillion articles published about […]