LinkedIn Recommendations–The Latest

As I’ve noted several times, including recently, I’m a fan of LinkedIn recommendations, both in an active job search and in ongoing career management. They help you leverage your career success based on the value you have contributed throughout your career and beef up the strength of your LinkedIn profile. Because LinkedIn keeps changing a […]

LinkedIn Endorsements vs. Recommendations

As I might have said before, although I’m generally a supporter of LinkedIn as a strong online resource, I’m not wild about their addition of endorsements, which I suspect was done to benefit them more than their members. On the other hand, I do like their recommendations feature, which allows you to share complimentary remarks […]

Professional References: Where are They When You Need Them?

Thanks to a recent comment during a phone consultation with a client, I decided it was time to write a post about professional references. As we all know, you’ll be expected to provide references at some point in the interview process–typically, when the company has decided it’s seriously interested in considering you and wants to […]