Network Your Way to Job Interviews and Offers

To some job seekers, “networking” is almost a dirty word–something they want to avoid like the plague. This isn’t a new thought; we’ve been around this track a few times before. However, in the unpredictable times we live in now, seemingly old methods can become new again, at least in terms of their importance to […]

Networking Outside a Job Search

Many people are prompted to pay attention to networking when they’re in or about to start a job search, but the rest of the time, networking gets put on a back burner. Not only is this self-centered (perhaps somewhat understandably) but also it is short-sighted. Say you land your new job and don’t “need” your […]

Networking vs. Direct Contact: Strength in Numbers?

I have talked before about the strength-in-numbers concept. Today I want to look at a different aspect of that concept and its impact on your career advancement. What got me started on this was reading a book titled For Executives Only: Applying Business Techniques to Your Job Search by Bill Belknap and Helene Seiler, executive […]

Got the Job: Now What?

Recently I asked this question–Got the Job Offer: Now What? As you undoubtedly know, even when you accept an offer, that represents only the first step in your progress toward establishing a record of success in that position. You basically have a two-part process: short-term and long-term. Both parts need careful attention if you expect […]

Professional Conferences and Your Career

I just returned from an annual professional conference put on by Career Directors International (focused on the careers industry and resume writers/career coaches in particular). The conference has given me a huge amount of potentially valuable information to increase my business effectiveness and enable me to do an even better job of assisting my clients […]

Job Leads, Job Clubs and Networking

In the past I have been asked more than once to provide a short presentation at a local job support group. The last time I did one of these was a few years ago, but I think job clubs and job support groups are either one-and-the-same or at least have a lot of similarities. The […]

How to Have a Healthy Job Search Network

A successful job search can depend heavily on having a healthy network. However, you won’t have one until you build it, and you won’t have it for long unless you nourish or sustain it! Note: Sustain means to “strengthen or support physically or mentally,” and that’s as critical for a healthy job search network as […]

Entrepreneurial Skills & Your Career Strategy

Whether or not you are–or ever expect to be–an entrepreneur, you could find it extremely useful to adopt some key entrepreneurial skills into your long-range career strategy, especially since the days of companies looking after the career well-being of their employees are way long gone. As some of you know, I do resume reviewing and […]