Employer Value: What Have You Done Lately?

Your employer value proposition matters hugely. However, you might also have to contend with this attitude: “What have you done for us lately?” That’s true whether you’re conducting a job search or preparing for a performance review. You need to do what it takes to stand out in the eyes of employers. Employer Value vs. […]

“How Am I Doing, Boss?” On-the-Job Success

Those of you who are currently employed–have you asked this question recently: “How am I doing, boss?” To go a bit further, have you even raised the question in your own mind? Long-term career success depends a lot on making wise choices in your professional life and on ensuring that your on-the-job performance can reasonably […]

Performance Evaluations: Your Version vs. Your Manager’s

So your performance evaluation is just around the corner, and you’re experiencing a flood of not-great emotions–anxiety, uncertainty, maybe even outright dread. Or you’re basically confident that you’ve been doing a great job but your boss sometimes throws employees a curve, so you know you might encounter something unexpected. What can you do to prepare […]

Are You Doing What Your Boss Wants?

You can go along thinking you’re doing well in your job and suddenly discover–maybe in your performance review!–that your boss doesn’t agree. This can happen for many reasons, and you need to be on top of it before things get so bad you can’t “fix” them. Meeting Performance Expectations You should have had a clear […]

Are You a Positive Energizer at Work?

Have you ever worked with someone who spread negativity around 24×7 (sort of like the dust-cloud that always followed Charles Schultz’ character Pigpen)? On the other hand, have you worked with someone who could put a smile on your face without visibly trying? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ll probably see […]

What’s Your Career Success Record?

It would be great if you could answer the question, “What’s your career success record?” by rattling off a long list of major contributions you had made to employer after employer during an illustrious executive career. Right. Maybe a few of you actually could do that in all sincerity, but what about the rest of […]