Job Offer & Employer Loyalty: It’s a 2-Way Street

If you accept a job offer, what happens if another–possibly better–offer comes along almost right away? You might think, “Multiple job offers? I’d love to have that problem!” However, what if the second job offer surfaces after you’ve started your new job? Job Offer–Your “Loyalty” Dilemma Recently I read a post on Ask The Headhunter […]

Is Your Career Ready for a Change? Are You?

We all know change is often uncomfortable, even when we initiate it. Are you avoiding a change because you’re not sure it’s the right time or direction…or because you’re just reluctant¬† to dive into the job search hassle? If so, you might need to nudge yourself to “bite the bullet” and get moving. On the […]

Tough Job & Career Choices

If you had several job opportunities to consider, wouldn’t you think that was a great situation to be in? Maybe. Sometimes, having multiple possibilities to choose from isn’t as clear-cut as it might seem at first. Tough Choices & Only You Can Decide Suppose you have five companies interested in you. You’ve had preliminary phone […]

Career Planning: Are You On Top of Yours?

Details of your career planning process might vary from those of other career-minded professionals, because each of you is a unique individual–coming from different backgrounds, possibly targeting different overarching career goals. However, the crux of the matter is: Are you staying on top of your own career planning? What Does Your Career Planning Process Look […]

Determination “Rocks” – Giving Up Doesn’t

As I said last time, sometimes quitting is the right thing to do. But don’t make it your first choice. Instead, view it as your “court of last resort.” Giving up/giving in prematurely can be as costly to your career success as not calling it quits soon enough. As Kenny Rogers said in his song […]

Are You a Leader? Can You Be? Should You Be?

The current supercharged political environment in the US, marked by seemingly unending upheaval, caused me to think about what makes a leader and whether any of us could be one if we chose–or whether we should be if we could. No, this post is not a political diatribe. It’s not even about politics. It’s about […]

Career Success: Sometimes You Need Help

Maybe a few “star performers” have made it through their careers without needing help from someone, sometime, but I think most of us have needed help to manage and advance our careers sooner or later. A few of us might even have needed that help more than once, and there’s no shame in that. If […]

Change That Drives Your Career Success

This is the time of year when we often think about change–whether to make one and, if so, what. If you’ve been considering the possibility of a change with regard to your job or career, is something holding you back or standing in your way? What Happens to My Career SUCCESS if I Don’t Make […]