Check Your Professional References!

The subject of references keeps cropping up, so I think it’s time to beat this drum again. If you haven’t checked recently to see what kind of shape your references are in, you might want to do it soon–for several reasons. For one thing, one or more of them might no longer give you the […]

5 Problems to Avoid in a Confidential Job Search

Conducting a confidential job search means doing it without letting your current employer know. In other words, you need to protect the confidentiality of your search until you have accepted a formal offer from an employer and are ready to give notice at your present company. However, numerous mistakes can trip up an incautious job […]

Professional References: Where are They When You Need Them?

Thanks to a recent comment during a phone consultation with a client, I decided it was time to write a post about professional references. As we all know, you’ll be expected to provide references at some point in the interview process–typically, when the company has decided it’s seriously interested in considering you and wants to […]