Last-Minute Resume – It’s a BAD Idea!

You get a phone call or an email from someone who urgently needs your resume to submit for a great but time-limited job opportunity. Fantastic! Except for one problem–you haven’t updated your resume in at least 10 years. So you quickly throw together an “updated resume” that you figure will do for the time being […]

Resumes vs. Personal Introductions

As a professional resume writer, I have to acknowledge up front that I have a bit of bias on the subject of resumes–especially when I read (as I usually do) a column by Ask The Headhunter’s Nick Corcodillos, who basically considers resumes most suitable as garbage-can liners! In a recent post, titled “The Magic Resume […]

Two Ways to Do Your Resume: DIY & HAE

Boiled down to its simplest level, you have two ways to create or revamp your resume: Do It Yourself (DIY) or Hire An Expert (HAE). Since my profession is resume writing, you might guess I’m not going to tell you you should always do your own resume, but I will say that sometimes “it depends.” […]

Not Everyone Needs to be an Executive

The employment trend for years has been to encourage (urge?) everyone to go for a college degree focused on a non-trades career. In fact, skilled trades stopped being even considered as a career path by many people, and those individuals who did choose such a goal have often been looked-down-on. However, that view could need […]

Career Tip #1: Don’t Sell Yourself Short!

Have you ever downplayed, devalued or ignored something you accomplished because you thought it wasn’t a big deal or because you did it as a volunteer and figured that didn’t count? Think hard before you answer, because I’ve run into a lot of clients who have and so have many of my professional colleagues. That’s […]

Should You Write Your Own Resume?

First, I should state that as a professional resume writer, I could be considered biased. After all, if everyone wrote his or her own resume, people like me would be looking for another way to make a living. That would be a shame, because I love what I do–love working with clients to help them […]