Your Job Search – The Vanishing Role of HR

You’ve seen the advice about not dealing with the human resources department at companies you’re targeting in your job search, and there were good reasons for the advice. Now the situation has worsened, according to Ask The Headhunter’s Nick Corcodillos. He never pulls his punches; however, his latest blog post, “The campaign to kill HR,” […]

Job Search: Are the Odds Stacked Against You?

As if job searching weren’t enough of a pain to begin with, it seems new wrinkles are added all too often. And they’re basically never designed to make your life as a job seeker easier. Companies seem to do their best to put distance between themselves and the great talent they say they need to […]

What Talent Communities Mean to Your Job Search & Career Management

Whether or not you’re involved in any online communities, you probably have an idea of what they are. Just as an example, communities could focus on a common love for the same breed of dog, a conviction that whitewater rafting is the greatest vacation adventure, or a passionate belief that chocolate is one of the […]