LinkedIn: Is Your Profile Helping or Hurting You?

Time to beat this drum again! I still see LinkedIn profiles that aren’t doing you any favors and might actually be hurting your chances of being considered for the position you want. LinkedIn isn’t the only tool you should pay attention to in your job search and career management, but it’s a BIG piece of […]

Technology Advances and Job Search Change

If you still plan and conduct your job searches the same way you did 10-15 years ago, you probably aren’t getting the traction you used to back then. Some things never change, while others seem to change every time you turn around. If you don’t see the need for significant change in your job search […]

Key Job Search Requirements You Might Not Think Of

You might know–or think you know–what’s important in conducting a successful job search. BUT…are you overlooking or unaware of job search trends that could sharply reduce your odds of success? A recent article by personal branding guru William Arruda, titled “6 Unspoken Requirements for Every Job Seeker” makes some telling points about this subject. I […]

Network Maintenance in a Job Search

To make sure there’s no confusion, I’m not talking here about physically maintaining a computer network, which might have only incidental relevance in a job search, if any at all. This is somewhat of a follow-up to a recent post about “Selective Networking.” In this case, however, the reference is to keeping up a strong, […]

Job Search Tools: Online Visibility Management

Along with other people in my profession, I’ve been telling clients, blog/Facebook followers and a lot of other individuals they need to make online presence a part of their ongoing career management, with particular attention paid when they’re preparing to launch an active job search. I’ve mainly considered that to mean doing your best to […]

Weddle’s Golden Rule of Online Networking

Yesterday I was reviewing resumes at a California Job Journal job fair and read an article in their newsletter by employment industry guru Peter Weddle titled, “Give as Good as You Hope to Get.” It raises a great point about job search networking in general and “electronic” networking (via LinkedIn and other social media/internet resources) […]

Employer Access to Your Social Media

The big explosion of concern and outrage over reports some employers have been “requesting” (more like demanding) that job seekers provide their Facebook password has led to several states considering legislation to make the practice illegal. Even if these laws–and more like them–actually pass, they might not protect your privacy as much as you think. […]

When Social Media Backfires

We all know the stories about people who’ve done less than brilliant things like posting revealing party videos on YouTube or way too much personal information on Facebook and had it come back to haunt them when they needed to do a job search or even after they’ve gotten a new job. The upside of […]