Toxic Boss–Should You Quit & If So, How?

A toxic boss can make your work life a living nightmare! (If you have one, you already know this.) What’s more, they don’t always show their true colors until you decide to quit your job.

So the question is: If you find out you have a toxic boss, should you quit? If the answer is yes, how do you handle the situation?

Toxic Boss–or Not? Is It Time to Quit?

Just because your boss gives you grief now and then doesn’t mean he or she is a genuine toxic boss. In fact, anyone can have a bad day, even a bad week. After all, you probably experience that yourself at times, right?time to quit

Therefore, your first priority centers on deciding whether you have an actual toxic boss or merely one who flares up on occasion. What’s more, how big are those flare-ups? For example, does your boss scream, call you hateful names, rake you down in front of others?

If not, maybe you only need to have a heart-to-heart with your boss, in a professional manner (that is, without venting hurt feelings or anger).

toxic boss, quit or be firedOn the other hand, if your boss exhibits abusive behavior , you might face the  choice of “quit or be fired.” That’s not a great situation to find yourself in!

So what’s next?

Smart Quitting vs. “Nice Guy”

Conventional wisdom suggests that you give about two weeks’ notice when you’re preparing to leave a job. It’s considered a professional courtesy to your employer, whenever you can do it.

However, sometimes being a “nice guy” costs you, if you have a toxic boss to contend with. A recent post on Nick Corcodillos’ Ask The Headhunter, titled “I will make your life miserable if you quit!“, brings that lesson home with a bang. The person in question gave decent notice that he planned to leave and faced a nasty threat in return for his courtesy.

Tip: Your planned departure could call for a dose of caution, even if you don’t suspect you have a toxic boss!

Quit with Style–and a Smile

No matter what your boss says or does, you can and should make a real effort to quit with style. Act like a professional at all times. Don’t descend to your boss’s level. quit with style

As much as you can, leave on a positive note. In other words–mend fences, don’t burn bridges! For one thing, you never know when you and your former boss might end up working at the same company again.



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