Helping Top-level Executives

Corporate-level-executive-careersI specialize in working with senior managers and executives, from Vice President to C-level (including CEO, COO, CTO and CFO). These senior-level clients typically have one thing in common. They need someone with career management and job search expertise to help them move forward professionally—with executive resumes, robust LinkedIn profiles, interview coaching, and other career services.

Although I have worked with Georgia for a short period of time, it was very clear to me that I was dealing with a professional. At the end of the engagement, she over-delivered on all of my expectations, and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
–Saeed Al Muntafiq, Chairman at Rise

Do you relate to any of these statements?
  • My resume isn’t getting any response, and I don’t know what’s wrong.
  • This resume helped earlier in my career, but I’m concerned it won’t take me to the next level now.
  • I don’t have a LinkedIn profile and don’t have the time to bother with it, but everyone keeps telling me I need one. What’s so important about being on LinkedIn, anyway?
  • My resume gets me some interviews, but I haven’t interviewed for a job in 15 years, and everything’s different now. I’m sure I’ve missed out on jobs I should have landed because I blew the interview.
  • I feel like I’m spinning my wheels trying to do the whole job search thing by myself.
If any of these career challenges sounds close to a situation you’re experiencing, help is available and closer than you might think.

It was a pleasure working with Georgia, and the results could not have been better!!! I recommend her fully.
— Robert McMillan, Board Member/Chairman/former Fortune 500 Exec

Can I help you?


Vice President
Senior Manager
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Technical Officer
Chief Financial Officer

i work one-on-one with selected senior-level clients so i can give them my full, undivided attention


Looking for first job
Recently earned a bachelor’s degree
Have limited work experience
Re-entering the job market after 10 years

unfortunately, i can’t help everyone– there are career professionals who can help you;
i’m just not one of them


Determining if we’re a good fit to work together…

  • Are you committed to taking action because you’re determined to move forward, but you suspect the career marketing tools you’ve been using aren’t the best?
  • Are you used to calling on experts in areas that aren’t your particular strengths, rather than thinking you have to do it all yourself?
  • Are you preparing to launch a job search and want to make sure you have all your job search ducks in a row before you start?
  • Are you aware that a strong online presence is considered essential today, but your LinkedIn profile is non-existent or not in good shape?
if you answered yes to one or more of these question,
you are the kind of client i work with!

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