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specializing in customized career management for executives and senior managers

Whether you currently hold a place in the executive ranks or view that as your next career move, you know how critical it is to use effective techniques with a compelling presentation to convince employers to talk to you. You probably also recognize the importance of networking in your executive job search, particularly if you’re in a competitive market with many highly qualified candidates.

At a senior level, the desirable positions are fewer and farther between than for less advanced job seekers, and employers’ expectations of value are much greater. Consequently, you need to take a careful look at how you shape and execute your job search and career plan.

I have worked with job- and career-change executives for many years, in a variety of industries and functional areas. In addition to applying my own expertise to your project, I tap into a large network of professional colleagues to gather further input on key issues.

Here are just a few of the client and industry categories I’ve worked with over the past 15+ years:

CEO / COO / CFO / CTO & CIO / CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Director & Senior Director
Executive Vice President & Vice President
General Manager
High-Tech / Manufacturing / Logistics / Transportation / Energy / Hospitality / Pharmaceuticals
How can I help you expedite your executive job search?
Executive Resume Writing Services

My executive-level clients typically have an existing resume. However, often it isn’t up to date or they feel it doesn’t represent them effectively in terms of their present career goals. Whatever your circumstances might be, I will work closely with you to ensure development of the professional-quality marketing tools you need.

When I believe your situation calls for more than a traditional executive resume, I will recommend one or more of the following from the portfolio of executive resume writing services I offer:

  • Targeted cover letter(s)
  • Critical Leadership Initiatives addendum
  • One-page abbreviated/networking resume
  • Executive bio
  • Networking scripts
  • Email messages
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of your current situation, as well as your career goals and requirements
  • Identify and showcase your strongest “value messages” for prospective employers
  • Streamline the job search process so you don’t waste valuable time on unnecessary activities
  • Partner with you to pinpoint the most viable and effective techniques for “getting the word out” where you want and need it to go


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