Resume Writing Tips


Resume Writing Tip #1:

Your resume should open the door for you with employers by making a strong, positive first impression that leads to interviews.

Using a professional-quality resume that’s tailored to your situation and addresses key employer issues can significantly increase the number of responses and interview opportunities you obtain during your job search. This is always important, but it is particularly critical in a competitive job market.

Resume Writing Tip #2:

It’s not necessary—or desirable—to include every detail of every job you’ve held over the last 20 years or so. Be selective!

Generally speaking, include relevant information covering the last 10-15 years, but trim down information for most older jobs. Be sure to emphasize the value you added to each employer.

Resume Writing Tip #3:

Research your targeted employers carefully to identify their most important needs. Then make sure your resume shows clear relevance with regard to those needs.

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