Words Have Power–Use Them Thoughtfully

If words have power, I have two related questions for you: On or off the job, have you ever said/written words you later regretted? Maybe almost as soon as they went out of your mouth or fingers?

To be honest, I have–although I want to add in my defense that it happens very rarely. Words have power

I’m pretty sure most of you have experienced this as well. We’re human, after all. 

When Words Have Power, How Do We Use Them “Thoughtfully”?

I find this quote very much to the point and helpful to remember:

“Ask yourself the three things you must always ask yourself before you say anything. 1) Does this need to be said? 2) “Does this need to be said by me? 3) Does this need to be said by me now?” (Craig Ferguson)

I think we could all benefit by giving some careful thought to it–whether we’re addressing a boss or colleague, a family member or friend, or the general public at large. If we did, we might have fewer things we should afterwards be apologizing for!

[Note: I originally published this item on my LinkedIn company page. Since I try to keep those entries short, I wanted to add a little here.]

We can’t take back words we’ve spoken or sent out into cyberspace via social media or other means. We need to think about them carefully before we turn them loose! When we express something we wouldn’t want directed at us, we should remember that “what goes around, comes around” in some way or other.

I try always to remember the “Golden Rule,” which in my view still has importance, even though many people seem to have discarded it. We can help or hurt, bless or damage, by the words we express and the actions we take.

By the way, my business involves the use of words–a lot of them. I choose those words carefully, too. I don’t do that because I worry about saying the wrong thing but because I know how important it is to my clients to say the right things and to say them well. I just need to remember how important that is outside of my work life, so I don’t say words I’ll regret.

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