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Top 7 Job Search and Career Management Tips

YES, I want to learn — and USE — the ‘Top 7 Job Search …
Tips’ to Increase my Career Success

As an executive, you need a targeted job search strategy and expert support to help you reach your goal.

Do you have that in place now? Probably not, or you wouldn’t be reading this!

Basically, your career marketing materials must be designed to present you as a “best of the best” answer to employers. Do you know what to do to make that happen? When you start with a customized, professional solution from A Successful Career, you can gain the competitive advantage you need.


Check out this video to learn how we can work together to achieve a successful job search and career for you.

Are You Zoom-Ready? Video Interviews & Zoom Meetings Here to Stay

These days it’s not IF you’re going to have a video job interview or Zoom-based conference–it’s WHEN. Those of you who are already proficient and comfortable in this area of technology have nothing to worry about, in most cases. For many, though, it’s a nerve-wracking situation potentially fraught with peril! You might find it helpful to read my blog post entitled “How to Ace a Zoom Interview” for a few tips.

In an effort to help job seekers who might not yet feel fully at ease with video technology, I’m planning to use Zoom for interview coaching sessions, as well as for project consultations, business presentation practice sessions, and more. Because I’m working out some technology (equipment) issues that are taking longer than expected (not helped by the pandemic!), I’m thinking it might not happen until the spring of 2021, but we will see. For more information, you can call me at 508-263-9454 or email me.

Job Loss Tips–How to Cope

When you lose your job through no fault of your own, how do you cope with the fallout? That’s particularly crucial in today’s COVID-19 drawn-out and stressful situation.

You can find some good advice and ideas to explore in the “Job Loss Tips–How to Cope” article on this website. For example, start by cutting costs where you can! Also, look into benefits you might get from different sources.

How can I help your career?

You are a mid-manager, senior manager, or executive who wants to capture a new career opportunity…

Meanwhile, you know the competition will be fierce. You need a dedicated expert on your team who can help you blow past obstacles to a successful job search.

That means someone who can partner with you to execute your job search and career plan with maximum effectiveness.

In short, you need an expert you can trust to support you when it counts, from start to finish. If you’re as committed to your career success as I am to helping you achieve it, you probably need me!

What’s Your Job Search Challenge?

Do you relate to any of these statements?
  • Executive Job Search ServicesI’m a senior executive in my company and need to carry out a highly confidential job search. However, I don’t have someone I can trust to work with me, someone I can safely share sensitive information with.
  • Although my resume worked earlier in my career, I’m concerned it won’t take me to the next level now.
  • My resume gets me some interviews, but I haven’t interviewed for a job in 15 years, and everything’s different now. I’m sure I’ve missed out on jobs I should have landed because I blew the interview.
  • I don’t have a LinkedIn profile and don’t have time to bother with it, but everyone tells me I need one. What’s so important about being on LinkedIn, anyway?
  • I feel like I’m spinning my wheels trying to do the whole job search thing by myself.

If any of these career challenges sounds close to a situation you’re experiencing, help is available. Moreover, it’s more accessible than you might think.

Why should you check into this ASAP? Because by developing career marketing tools that showcase your value persuasively and using a personalized, value-oriented approach, I can increase your job search effectiveness. Furthermore, in some cases I can actually shorten the search. Being able to get results like that is what excites me about the work I do for clients.

– Marie Romero, Sales Management

“Without your great work, I wouldn’t have gotten the job I am currently in. I only sent out two resumes, and both companies wanted to hire me.”

– Marie Romero, Sales Management

Essentially, you don’t have to feel stuck with any aspect of your job search. I have successfully assisted countless mid-management to executive-level clients to pursue and capture their desired positions.

Learn how I can help – submit your resume!


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